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We don’t call it a restaurant, as our dining area should be a cheerful, homely place where our guests can learn about flavours that have a regional, rural and, in particular, seasonal history.
In fact, we offer a set menu, which is different every time, depending on what we have picked in the fields.

Ligurian tradition has given us a simple cuisine, made from whatever ingredients people had in their cupboards.
These few elements, skilfully combined in a simple manner, have given us the base of many recipes that are still followed today.
Following tradition, we offer home-made dishes made with the farm’s products (when necessary we buy from local, trustworthy farms), following the course of the seasons.

Due to the lack of animals on our farm, we buy what we require from the Val di Vara Meat Cooperative (certified organic) or from local farms.
We buy our wine from producers who share our philosophy in maintaining local varieties from the Ligurian area.


As we specialise in the production of high-quality beans, we include these in our starters, in our bean pasta or Genoese vegetable soup, or in our main courses such as Fagiolana and dried cod (boiled or stewed).

Pasta is the star of our menu: noodles, tagliatelle (green ones made from nettles or those made from barley or chestnut flour) Corsetti (traditionally-shaped discs of pasta cut by hand), lasagne (with sauce, pesto or vegetables), ravioli, Pansoti (a traditional recipe with prebuggiùn – edible weeds – and a mix of wild herbs).

Don’t forget our vegetables, which are used in every possible way: in pies, stuffed, stewed, raw, roasted…

For meat, we offer Cima alla Genovese (veal pocket stuffed with vegetables, meat and cheese) either boiled or roasted, stuffed pork chops, Ligurian rabbit, Black Cockerel (Slow Food certified), stewed tomaxelle (meat rolls), fried Crocchini (made with meat and cheese) made from a traditional recipe, and many more delicacies.

To finish, dessert: simple, but full of flavour. We offer pastries with cream and fresh fruit jam, pudding (Grandmother’s recipe) baked in the oven, various frozen desserts, strudel made with our own apples, Genoa Cake and many other delicacies.

There is a place of honour at the table for our home-made bread cooked in a wood oven (this type of traditional cooking is always present in our kitchen): its fragrance, the genuine flavour of a product made with patience, left to rise for a long time with sourdough and using stone-ground flour, leaves you with a flavour of ancient memories.

With this short description of the food we offer to our guests, we would like to emphasise how important dining is for us; it’s seen as not only a moment for eating, but in particular as a moment of sharing new and old experiences, of transmitting and keeping alive a knowledge that comes from our family’s experiences or from the discovery of flavours that would have otherwise been lost.

We are ready to welcome guests for lunch or dinner, but only upon advance reservation of at least two days, as we prepare everything fresh, the table seats are not many and we need to organize ourselves in the various jobs in the company

If you want to make your mouth water, take a seat!