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One of the most interesting aspects of your stay at our farm is the possibility to participate in our courses on various topics, connected to the main activities on the farm and suitable for everyone.

You can take a cooking course, either for non-expert adults or for catering students, on specific topics such as Genoese cuisine or a complete menu. There are craftsmanship courses on rural activities such as basket weaving with willow or other local plants, and also on Easter Palm traditions.

You can also learn all about farm work, the use of ancient varieties of seeds, the tools, how modern agricultural techniques have been adapted to traditional ones, and this hilly area with restricted space.

All of this is important so that we don’t forget our ancestors’ hardship and the love they have always had for this land.
We also hold company meetings, which more and more often are being held in holiday farm settings, for medium-small groups of participants.

This perfect combination of teaching in a pleasant environment makes a perfect break in a farmhouse, complete with courses.

We also welcome children from primary schools upwards, so that they can enjoy a special day of field study.

Our aim is to plant a seed in the hearts and minds of our guests of the traditions our ancestors have left us.